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Tibetan demons and Mass in Latin

Courtesy of Renovato 21 we publish the latest article by Roberto Dal Bosco

Original source: https://www.renovatio21.com/demoni-tibetani-e-messa-in-latino/

“If we are such an insignificant minority, why did Pope Francis want to attack the traditional Mass?”

In various homilies of the Holy Masses of Tridentine last Sunday that I heard, the question was always asked, implicit or explicit.

Why prevent what is mistakenly called “Mass in Latin” if it concerns a small number of people, many of whom had been cloaked by the license given by Ratzinger almost three decades ago? Wasn’t it wiser to make this papier-mâché compromise last, to leave some air to the enemy, so that he does not have unpredictable reactions? No, not even this ruinous Christian Democrat wisdom is now contemplated by the exterminating angels of the Vatican. Scorched earth against the Mass of all time. And so be it.

But, again, why?

We have heard some answers: the most convincing is the one that wants to re-establish the primacy of the lex orandi of the vulgar Mass: which means that only the latter is the expression of legitimate prayer, and therefore legitimate representation of the lex credendi, that is, the ultimate definition of the Faith.

These formulas, apparently complex, serve only to explain that by canceling the Tridentine Mass we want to erase its metaphysical basis, and define forever the nature of the Holy Mass as the Second Vatican Council wanted it: no longer the sacrifice of Christ, but his “commemoration”, in favor of the “assembly” (therefore, we seem to understand , behind closed doors the new mass can not be done).

Not a divine function, but an “event”, like a concert (in fact, the guitars), a rally (in fact, the speeches on immigrants etc.), a “stop” (as I have often heard it called by the Prior of a large sanctuary: yes, a break, where you put the brain and even the ears to a stop). A human show, and in fact we are also fine with applause, jokes, shouting, the Eucharist launched as a freesbee.

Canceling the Mass as the material Sacrifice of Christ inevitably leads to the erasing of Christ himself. It is not a secondary objective, in the Vatican that wants to stamp once and for all its transformation from a heavenly entity – the Church is founded by God himself – to a globalist NGO run by crypto-homosexuals. On the contrary: not even so much crypto. Jesus is a stumbling block to the ongoing Vatican mutation, to which modernists and Freemasons have been working for centuries.

Therefore, let us eliminate the Body of Christ from Holy Mass – let us eliminate the Mass centred not on the show of the priests, but on the Holy Eucharist – because we must disintegrate Christ from human history.

It is a way of seeing things that traditionalists know well. Remove Christ from Holy Communion to make it a story, an abstract and distant myth to be inspired by at most for a couple of things, it is what they believe and for which many Italian priests, bishops and cardinals work, Germans …

However, I wanted to try here to give a different, and risky answer. Something that concerns a spiritual, subtle plane.

I would like to speak of the role of the Holy Masses in the containment of Evil, in the personal sense of the word: of the fight against the legions of demons of which the scriptures speak. That’s right: without so much shame, I will deal with Satan and his devils, in a speech for which, at a conference many years ago in Rimini, I had coined the term“Geodemontology”.

So, those of us who have not wondered in our lives why there are so many churches on our continent, with an average distance of a few hundred metres from each other.

Another question that those who have traveled to other continents at some point ask themselves, is why elsewhere are so evident cases of diabolical possession: those who have been to Africa know what I am talking about. Possession there is a natural public fact, which often manifests itself spontaneously, for example, during Holy Mass.

In response, I want to recall a fascinating thought of Tibetan Buddhism. Not surprisingly, the first missionaries, such as Ippolito Desideri, saw in the strange sisimilarities between Catholicism and the religion of the Lamas a strange joke of the deceiving devil.

I find the legend, Padmasambhava – which means “born of the lotus” – was the first monk who arrived in Tibet with the aim of converting this land to the cult of the Buddha. The feat was not immediately achievable: he had to first defeat the demons, which experts have always read as the representation of the Tibetan gods of the prebuddist era. We are towards the eighth century after Christ.

Padmasambhava then builds the first temple in the region. And here comes the connection with what I was writing just above: for Tibetan folklore, every Buddhist temple is a nail that serves to nail Srinmo, the demon who had settled on the entire expanse of Tibet. That is, a demon as big as all his land, which coincides entirely with it – namely, the demon that was (that is, that is) Tibet itself.

Srinmo, the demon as big as Tibet, propped up by the temples erected to defeat him

I find that this image of the demoness Srinmo, pierced and defeated by the temples that arose on it, is of immense clarity. I find this account, out of metaphor, to be the best explanation I have ever heard about the presence of all these churches in Europe. Every Church built up at the bottom has been nothing more than a chapter in an enormous work of “cleansing”. The total exorcism of an entire continent. More churches, more nails, fewer demons…

Because the churches, thanks to the Masses, are the central place of all religion: there, by the miracle of transubstantiation, there is God himself, there is his body. Every church, thanks to the Mass, becomes a material place of Christ’s presence, of the “real presence”.

It follows that churches – which even when they do not have Mass can contain God in the tabernacle – are a huge work of exorcise on a geographical basis. They are “centres of geodemontological struggle”. Where the real presence is, the devils can only flee.

Where God is, there can be no demons. And that is, the idols of the gentiles, old and new. Ancient demons, for example those who inhabited Europe before the coming of Christ.

As per Psalm 95: Omnes dii gentium daemonia, the gods of the gentiles are demons. Or modern demons, which technology has multiplied and made even more destructive. «They sacrificed to demons who are not God, to gods who did not know, new things that had just come”,writes Deuteronomy in chapter 32.

These modern deities, “come recently”, are nothing more than masks of those of the ancient gentium to which men made sacrifices before Our Lord descended to earth, before the Church of Christ neither eliminated the presence and even the memory by planting on our entire continent palaces where the Body of God was jealously preserved.

The demons that demanded human sacrifices (Baal, Moloch, Quetzalcoatl, Kali, etc.) have now changed their names: they are called war, artificial reproduction, drugs, exploitation, abortion, science, globalization.

Yes, only the mask is new: what they leave to men never changes. They want their blood, their offspring, their dignity, their death. They are gods to whom man must sacrifice his fellow man and his son, in exact contrast to Christ, God who sacrificed himself for his fellow man and his son.

The difference, the reader can understand, is really between Evil and Good.

The real presence has exercised its total power over the geography of Europe for centuries on end, perhaps a millennium and a half. At least, until recently. Now, thanks to the Council and his sons like Bergoglio, we are witnessing, in myriad videos visible on the net, the vision of entire cathedrals in (Holland, in France… and now also in India and of course in China of the Sino-Vatican agreement wanted, chissà why, from the clique of Francis) demolished to make room for who knows what, supermarkets, condominiums …

The reality is that it is not what they tell you – let’s tear down those churches, even ancient ones, because no one goes there anymore – but probably a plan preordained by the modernist clergy with specific directives: to liquidate Christianity, you must first liquidate its churches, and even the real estate related to it.

In the building that was once the seminary of a large Catholic city, today the hospital (which has acquired that space from the diocese) will perhaps do, I am told, blood-pee-poop tests. I know in various places of churches deconsecrated by the bishop in a nanosecond, and other private churches where the religious, instead of rejoicing to be able to say Mass (and so, plant a nail in the body of the demon …), suggest their transformation into a brewery, a concert hall, or a Yoga center.

By probable order from above, they are liquidating the churches: there is no surprise, therefore, to see that they now liquidate the only true Mass, the one focused entirely on God and His presence. If you followed my reasoning, you will have understood that that was the goal from the beginning.

What will be the result of this plan, if it succeeds in the conspirators’ skullcaps? In the concrete plan of sociology and everyday life, what we will see is the further, definitive dechristianization of Europe.

If instead we go down to the subtle plane, that of the struggle between Good and Evil, that of the nails planted on the earthly demons, well, the consequence, linked to dechristianization, will be the realization of the conditions for a world diabolical possession.

Entire cities, entire countries, entire continents – all returning to the naily hands of the princeps huius mundi. Small municipalities, countries, Italy, Europe, the world – all re-paganized, re-satanized.

And so, disappearing the Sacrifice of Christ of the Holy Mass of all time, the human sacrifice will reappear definitively.

Now, in this Year of the Lord 2021 – where billions of people are forced to potions of genetic witchcraft made with the sacrifice of aborted fetuses, where as many billions are exposed to the utilitarian calculation that their death is an acceptable immolation to the pandemic cause, where thousands of people (especially: young people) are deprived of their most intimate freedoms – you have to be really blind not to understand that this is already happening, that this is the condition in which we should live and die, that this is the new operating system of humanity : the Necroculture.

Human sacrifice is back. For this reason they want to abolish the only thing that can be opposed to it: the divine sacrifice.

Robert Dal Bosco

Image by Tcapper1 via Wikimedia published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0); modified image