1st way of recitation of the Holy Rosary



In this first part we will pray for the first objective of The Watch hour:

The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the liberation of mankind from the infernal incarnate forces of the world’s financial Masonry and their affiliated demonic hordes.

The Gaudious Mystery — Announcement.

In the first Joyful Mystery we contemplate, as the Holy Virgin was announced by the Angel Gabriel, who was to conceive and give birth to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Angel of the Lord proclaims to Mary that God has chosen her to be the Mother of his Son. The Holy Virgin accepts this august office by submitting to God’s will. Subily the Eternal Word is made man in the virginal bosom of her by the work of the Holy Spirit.

O Amiable Son of the Omnipossente, who came naked in this world to destroy sin, have mercy on those who live in this contamination and chacking in the shadow of death. And you, holy Mother of God, who are the refuge of sinners, obtain their mercy, which they need.

Refuge of sinners, pray for us.

Pater, ten Hails, Gloria[1].
After the ten you will say: Sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on sinners. Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for sinners. For your holy abandonment, O good Jesus, do not leave us already and especially at the hour of our death [2] .

The Gaudious Mystery — Visitation.

In the second Gaudious Mystery we contemplate how the Holy Virgin, having understood that St. Elizabeth was pregnant, left immediately and went to visit her, and stayed with it for three months.

The Holy Virgin, having conceived the Son of God, goes to visit Her cousin Elizabeth, who carries in her bosom the future Preacher of penance. Jesus himself inspires mary’s desire for this journey. He wants to free John from original sin and give him abundant grace; what he truly does, when the Holy Virgin greets her Cousin.

O Saviour of the world, who shows an admirable care to free from the odious yoke of Satan the one who must proclaim to you, hurry to convert sinners to your grace. And You Mother of my God, ask for them this grace, Refuge of sinners, pray for us. (The rest as in the first ten).)

III Gaudioso Mystery — Birth of Jesus.

In the third Joyful Mystery we contemplate, as having come the time to give birth, gave birth to the Virgin Mary in the city, of Bethlehem our divine Redeemer in the middle of the night, between two animals in the Crib.

The Redeemer was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He is laid on straw in a manger, subdued to, most extreme poverty. He suffers. He weeps to appease the wrath of his Father, and to satisfy the sinners.

– O God of love, your tears have caused me pain, confusion and sadness. Give a true spirit of penance to the unfortunate prevaricators of your law. And you, innocent Queen, obtain from them the forgive of their crimes, and the grace to never fall back.

Refuge of sinners, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

IV Gaudioso Mystery — Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

In the fourth Joyful Mystery it is contemplated, as on the day of its Purification, the Virgin SS. presented Jesus Christ, our Lord, in the Temple in the arms of St. Old Simeon.

Mary presents her Son to God in the Temple, or rather her Son presents himself for It to her Father as a victim, who will one day be sacrificed on Calvary for the sins of the whole world.

O Unblemished Lamb, who offered you sinful sins with so much love, have mercy on their state and free them from the slavery of the devil for the merits of your offering. And You, O Queen of purity, who humbly present yourselves to the Temple in order to obey the law, since you are not obliged, spread this purity over my soul and my body, and obtain it from all sinners.

Refuge of sinners, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

V Gaudioso Mystery Meeting place of Jesus in the Temple.

In the fifth Gaudioso Mystery he contemplates himself, as Mary SS. having lost her Son and sought him for three days, at the end of the third day he found him in the temple in the midst of the Doctors, which he contested, being at the age of twelve.

At the age of twelve the Savior stops in the Temple, on a day of solemnity, to explain scripture to doctors of the law. His holy mother afflicted together with his chastened Spouse St. Joseph, seeks him for three days, and finds him finally occupied at this officio.

O Pastor of our souls, seek the sinners, these misguided lambs, who have lost you, losing grace. And You, loving mother and advocate of sinners, mend these souls in the fold, and restore to you the friendship of your Son.

Refuge of sinners, pray for us. (The rest as in the first ten).)



We will pray in this second part for the second objective of The Watch hour:

The conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls to God’s greater glory, conquering as many souls as possible to the Immaculate Heart so that through His Immaculate Heart they may be more perfectly united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Will of God.

I Painful Mystery — Prayer of Jesus
in the Garden.

In the first Painful Mystery we contemplate, as our Lord Jesus Christ, making prayer in the Garden, sweated blood.

Contemplate in inpirito your Savior prostrated on the ground in the garden of olive trees for three hours, reduced to a mortal sadness, to a frightening agony. He asks his Father to remove the cup from his lips, that is, not to suffer the cruel torments of the Passion. None other than his love for us makes him say: May your will, O my Father, be fulfilled and not mine.

O Divine Jesus, I pray to you, for your agony it is painful, to be favourable to the agonizing, that your weakness strengthens them, that your example pitifully submits them to god’s will, and consent to the sacrify of life.

Or Mary, consolation of the afflicted, pray for us. — Pater, ten Hails, and Gloria.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the dying.

Immaculate heart of Mary, pray pei, dying.

The Painful Mystery. — Flagellation.

In the second Painful Mystery is contemplated, as our Lord Jesus Christ was cruelly scourged in pilate’s house with innumerable, and very heavy beatings.

Jesus, stripped of his clothing, is tied to a column; there he is cruelly scourged. The scourges tear her tender and delicate body, and cover all her adorable person with sores.

Our sins, O Divine Saviour, have armed your executioners with the tools of your torture, giving them the right to treat you with such barbarism. We ask you for forgiveness sincerely. But we still beg you, O good Jesus, to grant to those who are in agony a true repentance of their sins, so that before they die they may obtain remission from your infinite mercy.

OMary, consolation of the afflicted, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

The Painful Mystery — Crowning of thorns,

In the third Painful Mystery is contemplated, as our Lord Jesus Christ was crowned with pungent thorns.

Abandoned at the hands of soldiers, they treat Jesus like a theater king. They cover him with an old purple cloak; they place a rod in his hands, and deeply press a crown of thorns over his head.

O King of glory, I love you as my Creator and the sovereign Master of earth and heaven. Increase my faith, and fortified it in the spirit of the agonizers, so that this fundamental virtue of eternal health may not perish in them for the malice of the devil.

O Mary, consolation of the afflicted, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

IV Painful Mystery — Bearing of the Cross.

In the fourth Painful Mystery it is contemplated, how our Lord Jesus Christ was condemned to death, and for his greater shame and pain was placed above his shoulders the wood of the Cross.

The Savior, condemned to the death of the Cross, is charged with the instrument of his torture; and being his forces finished for the shedding of his blood, He falls under that grave burden.

O sweet Jesus, you carry all our sins on your shoulders. Give me the grace to bear patiently in my turn the pains of this life, which are the participation of your cross. Still give the agonizers the strength to endure the agony they suffer. Accompanying you to Calvary, we hope to walk on your tracks, and enjoy you in the glory of eternity.

O Mary, consolation of the afflicted, pray for us.

(The remainder as in the first deeine.)

V Painful Mystery — Crucifixion.

In the fifth Painful Mystery it is contemplated, as our Lord Jesus Christ, who arrived on Mount Calvary, was stripped and confused on the cross with cruel nails in the presence of his afflicted Mother.

The Savior is lying on the Cross: the executioners stop his feet and hands with large nails. His side is opened by the spear.

Will I, or my Redeemer, look at you in a deplorable state without being touched by great love and eternal pain? Will I be able to contemplate you without pouring tears? O Divine Jesus, I beg you, give strength to the agonizers. May they look at you raised on the Cross, with the eyes of a living faith, with a heart animated by hope and love, so that, loving you with all the strength of their soul at that extreme hour of their lives, they may love you eternally without interruption.

O Mary, consolation of the afflicted, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)



We will pray in this third part for the third objective of The Watch hour:

The restoration of theOrdo Christianus, the only order capable of guaranteeing the true spiritual and material good of man because it conforms to the laws of the Creator’s will. The restoration of the Christian Order involves the dismantling of the revolutionary forces, the restoration of the primacy of Truth as the founding principle of thinking and acting, against apostasy, theological modernism and moral relativism that are rampant inside and outside the Church, the formation of a Catholic social fabric and a system of government that places god’s laws first, as the foundation of the true common good.

The Glorious Mystery —Resurrectionof the Savior.

In the first Glorious Mystery it is contemplated as our Lord Jesus Christ the third day after his death resurrected glorious and triumphant to never die again.

Jesus resurrected glorious and triumphant on the third day after his death. He frees from Limbo the souls of the Holy Fathers, and undoubtedly many or all of the souls of Purgatory. He then presents himself full of glory to his divine Mother, and fills her with ineffable consolation.

O my Savior, oh, how advantageous it is to die with you with mortification, to resurrect with you in glory! Make the effects of your triumphant resurrection felt, please, to the souls who exarth their sins in the flames of Purgatory. Withdraw them from their dark prison, and give them the light of your glory.

O Mary, help christians, pray for us.

Pater, ten Hail and Glory. .

Immaculate Heart of Mary, save the ani- nime penanti (The rest as on page 26).

The Glorious Mystery— Ascension of Jesus to heaven.

In the second Glorious Mystery we contemplate, as our Lord Jesus Christ after forty days that was resurrected, he ascended to Heaven with wonderful celebration and triumph, seeing him as his Mother SS. with all his disciples.

The Savior ascends to Heaven forty days after his resurrection; he showed us the way with his examples, and opened the doors to us with the key of David, who is his Cross. Let us raise our eyes to the throne of his glory, where he calls us, and we treat with indifference, even with contempt, all things of the earth.

O sweet Jesus, draw me, raise my heart with you in Heaven, freeing me from the tyranny of sin. But also, merciful Saviour, in the midst of the pumps of your triumph, listen to the suffering souls of Purgatory, who turn to You and exclaim a lamented voice: Open the doors of heavenly Jerusalem to us, to praise the Lord again.

O Mary, help christians, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

III Glorious Mystery

Descent of the Holy Spirit.

In the third Glorious Mystery it is contemplated, as our Lord Jesus Christ, sitting to the right of the Father, sent the Holy Spirit into the Upper Room, but they were the Apostles with the Virgin Mary congregated.

The Saviour of the world does not forget in his glory the Church that he has left on earth. He sends her his Holy Spirit. This Divine Spirit spreads over the disciples at the moment of prayer. He makes tongues of fire appear on their heads, to show that He comes to light our hearts of divine love, and to make us speak the language of Heaven.

O good Jesus, take away our spirit, to give us yours. But do, O God of love, may the fire of Heaven extinguish what cruciates the souls of Purgatory! May the fire of your love extinguish that of your righteousness!

O Mary, help christians, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)

IV Glorious Mystery— Assumption of Mary.

In the fourth Glorious Mystery we contemplate, how the Holy Virgin Mary a few years after the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ passed from this life, and by the Angels was assumed into heaven.

After the Ascension of her Son to Heaven Mary lives the rest of her days in the languor and sighs. A transport of love ends her life, and her soul reunited with her body, was assumed in Heaven, and placed above all angelic choirs.

O dear Sovereign, teach us good living, to die well, and ascend a god with you in Heaven. But, since you are the Consolation of the afflicted, and the Help of Christians, do not forget the souls of Purgatory in their sorrows. They await from your protection the end of their evils.

O Mary, help christians, pray for us.

(The remainder as in the first deeine.)

V Glorious Mystery
Crowning of Mary in Heaven.

In the fifth Glorious Mystery it is contemplated, how the Virgin Mary was crowned by her Son Queen of Paradise; and the glory of all saints is still contemplated.

The Blessed Virgin, clasped on a throne, and loed above all blesseds, received the crown from the hands of her Son. She is declared Queen of Heaven and Earth; the key to heavenly treasures is confided in her, to distribute them at ease.

O Queen of the Rosary, you are part of your countless riches to the suffering souls of Purgatory. Give it again to all those who place their hope in your protection, and all their fate in praiseing and honouring you. Receive with goodness the wreaths of roses that we humbly present to you, and be changed in our favor, after this life, into imperishable crowns of glory. So be it.

O Mary, help christians, pray for us.

(The rest as in the first ten).)
(Hello Regina, etc. see page 22).

v. Dignare me laudare te Virgo Sacrata,
A. Da mihi virtutem contra hostes tuos.
v. Now pro nobis, Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii,
A. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.


Deus, cuius Unigenitus per vitam, mortem et resurrectionem suam nobis salutis aeternae praemia comparavit; concedes quaesumus, ut haec mysteria Sanctissimo Rosario Beatae Mariae Virginis recolentes, et imitemur quod continent, et quod promittunt assequamur. For eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen

Prayer to earn Indulgences

I commend to you, O Lord, your Bride Church, the Supreme Pontiff, who is its visible Head, the exaltation and triumph of the Catholic Church, the grubbing-up of heresy and idolatry, peace between Catholic princes, the conversion of sinners; all our relatives, friends, enemies, our temporal and spiritual benefactors, all those who recommend themselves to our prayers, especially the benefactors and all those associated with the new Church of the Sanctuary of Pompeii. All in suffrage of the holy souls of Purgatory.

Pater, Hail, and Gloria according to the intention of the Supreme Pontiff.

[1] All paters, hail, gloria, credo, etc. will be said in Italian, to have the most collected spirit, and more easily repel distractions.

[2] These prayers are taken from the libretto Il Rosario Perpetuo del R. P. L. Fra Domenico De Toma dei Predicatori, who was the first promoter of the Perpetual Rosary in our time in the Southern Provinces.