Exsurge’s PrayerFul Militia

When, a few months ago, we imagined exsurge Christianitas’ project, we certainly did not think we could create an uninterrupted chain of prayer from the beginning. Also because we realized how the manifesto is in fact a powerful selective filter that would not be accepted and easily shared by the multitude of Catholics now unfortunately prey to the progressive world.

We asked ourselves whether it was not better to “lighten” the same manifesto and the rules of life attached, so that we could access a basin of people certainly wider. In this way, we wondered, people perhaps today “lukewarm” (we are allowed the term to make the idea) could over time be traced back to the alveo of tradition. People who would otherwise have been excluded from a defining language and little “conciliar” to whom one is (alas) no longer accustomed.

After meditating on the matter, our decision was to keep the requirements unchanged, indeed, at the suggestion of a spiritual son of Padre Pio, we inserted a decisive emphasis on the requests of Our Lady in Fatima, initially just mentioned, accentuating and explaining in this way, the tone of austerity militancy that wants to be the distinctive character of the member of Exsurge Chrsistianitas.

This was done intentionally for several reasons: the first is that we preferred to focus on a small, determined and fierce army. We preferred to be concentrated like the light of a laser that can engrave the hardest materials, in the dispersive and inconsistent light of other light sources.

Secondly, we absolutely do not believe in the principle that lowering the target can lead to growth in the number of participants. We think that those who are not inwardly in tune with these objectives, will not simply participate for the change of words and will find different excuses for not joining. On the other hand, this “reduction” would certainly reduce the quality and the aforementioned coherence, entering sources of conflict and discontent even among those who were previously determined and thus not benefiting the effectiveness of the action. We have a clear and glaring example of this precisely in what happened to the Church itself, which, as soon as it tried to please the world, moved towards disaster.

The third reason stems directly from the second: contrary to the above, we are convinced that, today more than ever, it is necessary to be clear, to clearly distinguish good from evil, to express the truth openly and to bear witness to it. Particularly in these times of field choices, we believe that this can really exert a powerful attractive effect for all souls who wander in darkness who, increasingly, we hope, can find in Exsurge Christianitas a safe haven. For this reason we are convinced that this choice of “rigor”, today apparently penalizing, will prove to be winning also from the point of view of number, and that it will allow Exsurge Christianitas to establish itself as a point of reference for the seekers of the True that has always been guarded by the Roman Catholic Church.

We know, however, that this attractive effect cannot originate from us useless sevi, which, as St Bernard said, we are only vas stercorum, capable only of sin, but can radiate only through the flourishing in us of spiritual life, from dwelling more and more in that peace that only the christ, through theImmaculate Conception can guarantee. This, however, places the emphasis and greater responsibility on the increasing ability of the members of Exsurge (who writes in the first place)to adhere to the high ideal that we have imposed ourselves even if, in good thinking, it would be only the normal rule of Christian life.

Contrary to what we imagined, despite having maintained the requirements, and our few means, what happened was a rush to reservations, which guaranteed the project from a few weeks of calendar coverage and many reservations even for the months to come, demonstrating that the work of the Immaculate Conception really goes beyond our small expectations. In addition to this, above all, what strikes us positively, is the “quality” of people, who demonstrate a particular availability, a deep spiritual life but also that lack of sectarianism, individualism and, if allowed, that excessive “purism” that is typical, unfortunately, of some traditionalist environments. Without giving up the traditional spirit. We are increasingly convinced that devotion to Mary SS. and To Jesus the Sacrament is the keystone of these apocalyptic times

We have formed a small prayerful militia which in a few weeks has far exceeded 300 people with new accessions every day. We know that the difficult comes now, in keeping it over time. There is a lot of activity and, with the short time available, it is certainly difficult to be able to complete everything that we have set ourselves and that we are aware should be done. That is why we are asking for patience.

Meanwhile, with satisfaction, today we activate the training area which includes several sections (and others will be added in the future). Let’s start with a cycle of articles about Fatima and the publication of some practices of piety that we are recovering from “preconciliary” books intended for waste that we believe are valuable tools for devotional practice.

In the meantime we ask all of you TO PROCEED WITH RESERVATIONS AND ESTABLISH A CALENDAR, POSSIBLY WEEKLY. We have noticed that many of you have booked single or double dates. It is important for us to have visibility of at least one month, so we ask you to make a small sacrifice and plan your calendar in advance. We also ask you to continue to spread the knowledge of Exsurge so as to continue to expand the prayerful network.

As we said the difficult comes now! Let us close ranks and go forward with Mary, in Mary and for Mary!

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

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