Let’s fast from “Infernet”

“Stop offending my Son, otherwise, a war will be followed by an even more terrible one! “Here is the injunction of Our Lady at Fatima which explicitly requires prayer and penance of reparation, in addition to the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

I read right now in an articleon Tempi di Maria a quote from Maria Valtorta’s diary:

“If it were not for Mary’s care, for Mary’s prayers, the human race would no longer be. I would have canceled it because truly your living has touched the depths of Evil and Justice is wounded, and Patience is filled, and Punishment is ready. But there is Mary who shelters you with her mantle, and if I can, with a glance, make Heaven prostrate and the stars tremble, I can do nothing against my Mother. “

Observing the trend of the situation, there are strong doubts about the fact that it is still possible to stop the executioner arm of Our Lord and about the fact that heavy punishments can be avoided for humanity, which continues undaunted to proceed towards the abyss like those pigs, penetrated by the unclean spirits, of the famous parable of the demoniac of Gerasa, who ended up throwing themselves into the bottom of a ravine (Mk, 5, 1-20).

As far as we are concerned, our task is in any case to maintain our positions and engage ourselves more and more in the spiritual war, regardless of its outcome which, in the end, does not concern us (although the detachment is extremely difficult).

In order, therefore, to make our battle even more effective, today we want to offer you a practice that was urged by the same spiritual son of Padre Pio mentioned in the previous article.

We know that fasting and prayer are fundamental weapons for spiritual struggle. What we are proposing now is a fast, but not a fast from a physical food, but from a food of a different nature which, however, we make excessive use today and which constitutes one of the most powerful and pervasive means used by satanic forces. This medium is the Internet defined by the person mentioned above as infernet, (the expression is untranslatable since it plays on the assonance in the Italian language between the Internet, the network, and “inferno” which means hell. In English it would become “hellnet” losing the assonance)

What I propose is therefore an infernetfast, that is to drastically reduce the time that every day, in an often morbid and hypnotic way, we dedicate to sites, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, telegram and more. In fact, while sharing and reading useful things, we do not realize how much this activity sometimes becomes useless and even harmful. First of all, this eagerness to share information only feeds a negative state of fear, worry and anger. It feeds pessimism and doesn’t help us stay in the light. In a sense, by wasting a lot of time on the net, we play the Enemy’s game, who is certainly not frightened by this activity. Indeed, he nourishes it on purpose, since this keeps us away from what he fears most: prayer and penance!

In the light of this awareness, we realize how apt the name of infernetis and how much it is necessary to take away time and energy from this activity. We can start by making a reduction plan (for example by 50%) but then we can reduce the exposure time to the essentials. We will likely find that we have much more time than we think to devote to prayer and other constructive activities. For example, in our reduction plan, we can convert the time saved into Guard and Adoration Hours. It will surely be all good for us and for the cause of the Immaculate Conception. And we will have less wasted time to account for to God.

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