The Coroncina of Mary’s 12 Privileges

In part two, chapter four of the Treaty of true devotion to the Virgin Mary, Montfort, speaking of the main forms of devotion to Mary, indicates the importance of meditating on her virtues, privileges and actions. Montfort himself defines “privileges” as “what God did for Mary” (while defining “virtues” as “what Mary did for God”).

In the treaty he then dedicates points 234 and 235 to the description of the practice of coroncina to the 12 privileges of Mary. Let us quote:

[234] SECOND PRACTICE. They will recite every day of their lives, but without being considered obliged, the Coroncina of the Most Holy Virgin, composed of three Our Father and twelve Hails, in honor of the twelve privileges and grandeur of Mary. This practice is very ancient and has its foundation in sacred Scripture. St. John saw a woman “dressed in the sun, with the moon beneath her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars”. This woman – according to the interpreters – is the most holy Virgin.
[235] There are so many ways to recite Coroncina well and it would be too long to want to exhibit them here. The Holy Spirit will make them known to those who will be most faithful to this pious practice. However, an easy way to recite it is to say first of all: “Deign to accept my praises, Holy Virgin. Give me strength against your enemies.” Then we recite the Creed and, three times, a Our Father, four Hails and a Glory to the Father. In the end it says: ‘Under your protection we take refuge…’.

Today we want to propose to your practice precisely this devotion that we find really uplifting to meditate. We hope to do what we like.

Hail Mary!

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