Editorial January 31, 2021 – United under the sceptre of Adoration and the Holy Rosary

Appeal to Catholics of good will

Newsletter n°14 – Sunday, January 31, 2021S
Saint Giovanni Bosco –

“… the man of God, getting up early in the morning, went out. an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. “Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?” the servant asked. “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”
2 Kings 6, 15-17

Dear brothers and sisters, friends in Christ and militants,
With the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, a further and decisive step has undoubtedly been taken towards the realization of the Plans of the Great Reset. If Donald Trump could in any way be an obstacle to the deep state, now this cumbersome obstacle has (maybe) been removed, most likely in spite of what the American people had expressed through the vote. In this sense, even those who see Trump as the Absolute Evil, should realize that it was not only the vote that was (possibly) stolen, but it was the entire democratic system of the United States that was violated, proving to be permeable, in all its parts, to the excessive power of the plutocratic minority. What really strikes, is the arrogance with which this maneuver was brought (always hypothetically) to completion, having occurred practically in the sunlight and considering how the huge amount of testimonies and evidence that emerged, mysteriously was not examined by the various competent bodies. Really a a bad example of democracy.
This denoted, on the one hand, the certainty of impunity of those who feel, and in fact proved to be, beyond the law; on the other hand the total contempt for what is probably not considered that vile mob.
In the light of this, one might wonder, with regard to the issue of thehealth emergency, how much these philanthropists, who do not hesitate to preach social and economic upheaval, can really care about people’s health, since they have not hesitated to trample on their will in such a brazen manner. Doubt seems legitimate.

In any case, the fact that emerges is the almost total power of this minority of ultra-rich and that of an illegitimate government that came to power through violence and deceit (BLM, Antifa, false flags, etc.).
What will happen now? What will happen is likely to be a further acceleration in the implementation of their plans, a heavy squeeze on personal freedoms, along with the creation of a state of violent chaos (which could result in civil war), which will justify the repressive measures necessary for control. This scenario is highly likely all the more so because nomenklatura’s overt “coming out” is not sustainable. They cannot afford to remain exposed to the spotlight, since millions of people in the world have nonetheless clearly seen what they are doing. They must therefore act quickly before the mass can possibly react and organize a reaction.

If it is true, the scenario described above is of unspeakable gravity. As we made clear in our manifesto, this is a war. Humanly, the situation of our troops is disastrous. And we believe that we can affirm with certainty that this happens, spiritually speaking, for not having responded to what Our Lady asked of Fatima.

In fact, this war is first and for all supernatural and the enemy knows it well; for this reason, for centuries it has been fighting against the liturgy and has as its objective to destroy, by all means, the Catholic “prayerful troops”. And today he has succeeded, with the culpable complicity of the ecclesiastical authorities themselves, even to close the Churches and to have the Eucharistic celebrations suspended, deny the sacraments to the faithful, postpone baptisms and marriages perpetuating situations of sin and deprive the dying of the last sacraments and a funeral of the deceased.

External warfare is therefore lost to internal causes. Our troops on the front line do not receive supplies: we do not give them the necessary air cover and instead we hit them with friendly fire. Supplies and air cover consist of spiritual food resulting from the prayer life of Catholics: Rosaries, Penance, Adorations and Sacraments. Friendly fire is the result of internal divisions and internal warfare in the face of the sight of which the enemy sneers.

With regard to this last point, it must be said that one of the most effective strategies, always used by the enemy, is that of divide et impera (divide and rule) Recent events tell us that, as far as the Catholic Tradition front is concerned, for the umpteenth time, this strategy has been successful. Not that it was necessary, since the numerically small group is already divided into many rivule in conflict more or less veiled. But we have to say that the very recent issue of anti-covid vaccines has seen new furrows of misunderstanding dig up. This certainly marks a further success for an enemy which, in theory, should, by definition, be more contradictory, but which in practice seems much more united and effective in its now centuries-old objective of erasing Christianity from the face of the earth and of enslaving mankind. And here we believe that this is a fundamental point. Consistency and effectiveness in action depend on the end, its clarity, the strength with which it manages to attract and magnetically orient the wills. Evidently we Catholics do not have this aim any more clearly and this is certainly not for lack of attractive quality of the Truth, which, we all have before our eyes what it has been able to produce in 2000 years of history.
The responsibility is certainly to be attributed, using managerial jargon, to a lack of leadership: we Catholics are in fact, today more than ever, humanly speaking, a flock without shepherds, left at the back of the air, indeed, literally fed to foxes. Even the one who should be the Supreme Shepherd, the Vicar of Christ on earth, now seems increasingly evident to openly promote the demands of the forces of terminal capitalism. Infiltrating church hierarchies with the deadly poison of modernism was certainly the enemy’s greatest success.

Certainly everything that happens is allowed by God, who remains firm – and could not be otherwise – at the helm of history. The Lord, in his mercy, sent the Queen of the Prophets to indicate the goal to the three little shepherds of Fatima and, through them, to all Christianity. But what has been done? Have your requests been granted? It doesn’t look like it! We should therefore not be surprised at what we see happening before our eyes today.

Faced with this bleak scenario, the world needs Saints more than ever; he needs courageous men and women who know how to be witnesses of Christ, who alone is Way, Truth and Life.

We now propose this video that we are convinced will awaken, better than a thousand words, the senses drowsy to what is really necessary:

Dear friends, the world really needs valiant warriors animated by their faith! And it is no exaggeration to say that life may also be required in the near future. As a fervent Catholic friend put it: “the era of Catholicism at no cost is over.” And if anyone thinks this is an exaggeration, it means that they probably haven’t understood the signs of the times yet. But we fear that he will soon have to change his mind.

Exsurge Christianitaswas born in this time of darkness with the aim of providing support to the formation of a prayerful militia to implore help from Heaven, so precisely to make up for the serious lack of supernatural supplies mentioned above.

We ask all those who understand the gravity of the moment, the willingness to unify the effort using this “service” and inviting as many people as possible to adhere to the Holy Rosary and perpetual Adoration according to the intentions expressed in the Manifesto that we believe can be widely shared.
Imagine the beauty and spiritual and material repercussions of a unified effort, of a united front on the side of prayer!
At the same time this militia wants, by extending, to stimulate its participants and as many souls as possible to tend to “tune” their lives on a high level, as expressed in the rules of life. It is necessary to re-educate people to understand the importance, in their daily lives, but also with regard to the effectiveness in prayer, of the life of grace and the return to traditional doctrine that has always been taught by the Catholic Church, on whose precepts a civilization has been built.

We are quite clear that in the near future more and more people will be disoriented and many will fall into the blackest despair due to the lack of those external habits and certainties that constituted its psychological references, as well as by the complete destructuring of the economic and social system that is one of the objectives of this dystopian project. While so many souls are in danger of getting lost, ourprayer must intensify precisely to help the maximum number of these desperate souls to return to God. We know that neither atheism nor the Catholicism of false mercy today in fashion will be able to respond to the needs that more and more souls will manifest of true spirituality.
The supernatural work will therefore be fundamental and preparatory for the reconstruction work that will necessarily follow the current destruction and for the return, we are sure, to a preaching of conversion for the restoration of the true Tradition. In other words, it forms the spiritual basis for that end which, like Exsurge Christianitas, all traditional forces must have at heart: the restoration of the Traditional Catholic Order.

Therefore, while waiting for our ecclesiastical hierarchies to return to preach the right doctrine;

Waiting for the bell towers to return to mark the rhythms of prayer and collective life;

Waiting for the Eucharist and the Sacraments to be honored again as they deserve;

Waiting for the Holy Rosaries to resound from the houses and crossroads of the streets;

While we await all this, and for all this to be possible again, we believe it is essential, vital to DEVOTE EVERY EFFORT, EVERY POSSIBLE ENERGY TO PRAYER AND SACRIFICE.

We live in a war regime, we are in the trenches. We must maintain positions at all costs and use the weapons that the enemy fears and in front of which nothing can: SACRAMENTS, HOLY ROSARY and EUCHARISTIC ADORATION! We are aware that when we do this we are not simply doing an isolated act, but we are doing an infinite act that has powerful repercussions on the entire mystical body.

As Don Dolindo, holy priest, said: “pray silently, with humble confidence, with confident humility. Prayer brings the general’s war plan into combat, brings you the supply of heaven. You pray and the graces rain down, and the angels activate. Prayer is like bombing from above: before you advance against evil, mount by airplane, climb high into the sky, and from there you will drop the bombs that disrupt satan’s plan. Pray with confidence in God, with confidence: “Lord, let this evil end, I beg you, for your glory”. This sentence, so simple, going up into the sky becomes a cloud, charges with celestial electricity, curves towards the earth, strikes a lightning bolt, burns dust deposits, blows up artillery, disassocies the earth and then opens in healthy rain.

Let us therefore sharpen our spiritual weapons. Let us unite against the enemy and show him what the Militias of Christ and the Immaculate Can do!
Let’s improve our lives. Let’s make them sparkle. Let us eliminate sin at all costs. Be lights. Be fearless. Be Saints! And it will be our enemies who will be afraid. Because there’s nothing they can possibly do about it. They cannot destroy the Truth that always “be” and that will always emerge with the inevitable collapse of their lies. And there is no limit to what the Immaculate can do even with a handful of fervent and valiant souls, because, like Elisha, we will not be alone, but surrounded by the Lord’s horses and chariot of fire. Sursum Corda!

Praise be to Christ Jesus and to the Immaculate!

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