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Article by Don Curzio Nitoglia(see original source)

Invitation to read:






The Effedieffe Editions have just published (January 2021) the book by Curzio Nitoglia, entitled I Lubavich e i potenti del mondo (210 pages, 16 euros1).

History and Theology

In it the Author deals with: (a) from a historical point of view, the question of the clash – now taking place – between Putin/Trump (National Sovereignty) against Biden/Gates/Xi Jin Ping/Bergoglio (Deep State); Then b) the frame – theologically – in the light of the influence that postbibical Judaism exerts on it, in its two main ramifications: kabbalistic and lobbying/banking.

The purpose of this book is to try to lift a veil on an underground and infirm reality, which is already at work among us and which so badly has already begun to do in the whole world …

In the book we start 1°) From history of the Lubavich, founded by the Kabbalist Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov († 1760), who strongly influenced the life of European and North American Judaism to finally come to illustrate 2°) The philosophy that undersoes contemporary adventure (2020/2021), lived universally in a surreal state of “psycho/police”, caused by Covid19.

Main themes of the book

The main points that are illustrated in the course of the book are: 1°) hasidic theological doctrine of the Lubavich (18th century) on the “Erotic Kabbalah” or “Sexual Magic”, from which psianalytic Freudism (twentieth century) was born, which changed the face of the earth from the sixty-eight; 2°) the ascetic/mystical “Sentimentality” of the Hasidim,from which originated the Pentecostal Charismismismism of protestants who then, unfortunately, with the Second Vatican Council, also invaded and exacerbated the Catholic ecclesial environment that became modernist (cf. “Neocatechumenal Way”); 3°) the phenomenon of modern Jewish “Marranism” with Jacob Frank († 1791) and Sabbatai Zevi († 1676), which influenced both the Islamic world (with the “Donmeh” Turks), and the Christian one (with the Declaration of Our aetate of the Second Vatican Council, 28 October 1965); 4°) the relationship between Putin and Trump to the world of Hasidim o Mr Lubavich; 5th) the influence exerted by philosophers Hasidim: Popper († 1994), Buber († 1965) and Lévinas († 1995) on the contemporary world and the current European Union, which was conceived about a century ago by Kalergi († 1972), also influenced by the Hasidism.

Hasidism and the Jewish bank at the origin of “Covidism”

The history and doctrine of the Hasidism,illustrated in the book, help us understand contemporary adventure (Covid19, the fight between Trump and Biden); in fact everything has its raison d’er, its explanation; for, without cause (father/ “X“) there is no effect (child); every effect (child) has a cause (father / “X“) and a reason or raison d’er (generation / “Y“).

Now, in the economic situation that the world is experiencing – especially from autumn 2019 until today (February 2021) – there are some realities or effects (clash between Kabbalist Jews and lobbyists) that are difficult to explain, which, at first glance, would seem to have no reason or raison d’er; … Instead…

… If you study well the reality of the phenomena that surround us – going beyond appearances and arriving at the substance of things – you get to glimpse the why and raison d’ er of them, even if at first glance it seemed in/intelligible.

Globalist Judaism and Charismatic Judaism

I am thinking in particular of the ‘strange’ confrontation that has been facing – especially for a year now – two fiercely antagonistic sides as to the way of operating,but that are basically similar because they are both descended from the same tree: (a) on the one hand, the Globalist, lobbyist/financial Judaism of the pharmaceutical and war industries; (b) on the other hand, the national Judaism, esoteric, charismatic/kabbalistic,especially that of the Hasidim o Mr Lubavich.

Well, these two entities are truly enemies (as were Stalin and Trotzky), yet they come from the same source (in today’s case: postbiblic rabbinical Judaism; instead, for Stalin/Trotzky: Soviet Marxism/Leninism); how is that possible? How can this be explained?

Non-substantial accidental contrast

It would seem like an anomaly, a nonsense thing and without any reason. That is not the case; In fact, if you study this strange seemingly inexplicable phenomenon in depth, you get to grasp a connection.

What is it? The answer is not difficult, just reassemble to the cause of the phenomena and then go down to the substance of reality to grasp its nature and explanation.

In order, therefore, to understand what is happening today – on the occasion of the extreme assault launched by the “New World Order” against the human being (hated precisely because created by God2 ) – it is necessary to trace the causes of the forces on the ground (on the one hand: Loggia/Banca/Big-farma and on the other hand: Kabbalah/Charismismism/State) facing each other, as to the way in which they act, as two armies – “against each other armed” – while being, basically, the same reality; just as did the “separate comrades” Stalin († 1953) and Trotzky († 1940).

In fact, on the one hand we see 1°) the camp of the “Deep-State/temporal” (Bush, Clinton, Obama and Biden), supported/by the Bank, Pharmaceutical Industry, Loggia, Anti-National Globalization, i.e. the Public or official Judaism (as the Hasidic philosopher Martin Buber called it) led by the various Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Soros and Bill Gates (in short, by the approximately ten related families that rule the whole world); on the other side 2°) the camp of the Cabalists joyfully ecstatic or Hasidim, i.e.the Underground Judaism (Martin Buber), which sponsors the US and Russia with its global influence and is defended militarily by the “secular arm” represented (at least until yesterday) by the Trump/Putin Axis, that is, patriots; while public judaism and lobbying leans on Xi Jin Ping’s Chinese Maoism/Liberalism.

Certainly the clash is there and it is bloody (just see what happened in the United States on November 3, 2020 and then january 6, 2021). What strikes the first superficial human perception, however, is theapparent contradiction of this battle. In fact, these two parties should work together. Instead, there is a fierce aversion between them. How come?

The origin of the two forces on the pitch today is post-biblic Judaism, but if Judaism basically is one, however it has several ramifications accidental and these several branches of the same tree squat, like two different Mafia cosche, such as Stalin and Trotzky, such as the two tentacles of the same octopus or as two branches of the same tree agitated and slammed against each other by the wind.

Nature and phenomena of postbiblic Judaism

Judaism is one, and it is 1°) mainly aethnicity (which wants domination over the whole world); And 2°) consequently, but not necessarily, a certain religiosity (in fact, the essential for Talmudic/Kabbalistic Judaism is belonging to the Jewish race, not the faith and works of religious Judaism, which may be present, but are absolutely not necessary), which is based on (a) theImmanentism and Pantheistic Emanatism and, therefore, (b) on the denial of Christ as the Messiah who came (who preached the existence of a personal God and transcends the world and eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven) and awaits one to come to the aldiquà, in which Israel will temporarily reign over all non-Jews (“goyim”); Moreover, Judaism – which is essentially an ethnicity and secondly a religiosity – has mainly two “branches” or tentacles: α) the Ecstatic/esoteric pantheistic kabbalah, made a mass popular phenomenon, starting from the 18th century, especially by the Lubavicher,which is referred to by Martin Buber as “Underground Judaism”; β) the Talmudism or moral theology of the official Rabbinate, always defined by Buber as “Public Judaism.”

Normally, but not always, sephardic (Jews of Iberian origin) belong to the Kabbalistic branch of “underground Judaism” and are less rigidly closed and “plastered” as to its practice; while the Ashkenazis (Jews of Germanic or North/East/European origin) are the Talmudists of “public Judaism” and are also more rigidly conservative. Here’s another reason for accidental divergence.

Purpose of the book

This book tries to explain to readers as easily as possible, but not simplistic, what the nature (Pantheism, Emanationism & Trans/Humanism) and division (Kabbalah/charismatic against Loggia/Talmudist) of postbibical Judaism, which today more than ever is truly the “Princeps huius mundi” (Jov.,XIV, 30), who never ceases to repeat a little to all: “Haec omnia tibi dabo, si cadens in terram adoreveris me” (Mt., IV, 1 ss.).

Thebeginning of the book, it might seem a little boring, but entering this forest is the only way to understand, finally, more easily and pleasantly the reason for what happens today and to be able to react conveniently without straying either to the “right” (Kabbalah) or to the “left” (U.S. Deep-State, Deep–Yeshivoth Deep–Church modernist/Bergogliana); without, however, pretending to see everything clearly, but contenting himself with knowing something of a certain subject (internal struggle in contemporary Judaism), however fragile and limited the human mind allows.

Taking stock

The conclusion reached by the Author is that we must not be under any illusions, Judaismtoday (2021) has won the battle begun with the Modernity of Occamist Nominalism (14th century) and Kabbalistic Humanism (15th century). In fact, whether deep-state prevails or the party of the “Patriots”, it will still be Judaism (occult or public) that will win (as when Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, after all it was the Rothschilds of England and France who won the occult war, gaining with both victorious England and defeated France, who had borrowed with their Bank to wage war). However, we must not despair either. In fact, god will win the final war.

The Occult War and the Spiritual Battle

Only if we are united to God, through faith enlivened by good works, will we be part of the final victory, otherwise time ruin and eternal perdition await us. It may be (we cannot expect to be clear at midnight) that God will use Trump and Putin, but they, without His help, can do nothing and so can all of us.

Trump/Putin vs Biden/Rothschild

There is no denying that Trump has entered a collision course with the Lodge/Bank/Jewish big-farma or the Deep–State (what is commonly called the elite of the Illuminati,who would like to dominate nations and peoples by enslaving them as well as beasts in the future “New World Order”), leaning on the esoteric and kabbalistic soul of underground Judaism of the Hasidim and being supported, in exchange for favors, by it.

Attention! Even Trump – influenced by hasidim – has (or had) in mind a plan for a “New World Order”, even if with a more human (or less inhuman) face than that desired by Soros/Bill Gates/Biden/Bergoglio/Xi Jin Ping.

The so-called “pandemic” of Covid19 was an opportunity (not the cause) well orchestrated and well exploited by the “Super/Judaeo/Masonic Fast March” to impose a fierce spiritual and intellectual tyranny (of correct Chinese Maoist style with absolute Liberalism) that destroys, possibly, man precisely because he was created in “the image and likeness of God”.

Today, Trump/Putin (as a state, people or nation) and Hasidim (as a “spiritual”/esoteric power) – objectively (subjective intentions only God knows them) – could slow down the crazy race of the “New World Order” towards “Trans/humanism with an inhuman face” (Biden), trying to replace him with a “Humanism with a human face” (Trump), but still pantheistic and immanentistic.

Natural drama, supernatural solution

This is the drama we are experiencing, of coursespeaking, as poor “spectators”, who are “between Scylla and Charybdis”, but on which we can something as “actors”, that is, supernaturally speaking as Christians embedded in Jesus Christ, who also wants to use our prayers to foil the Plan of the Evil One and to restore the Kingdom of God already on this world.

That is why it is not idle to try to know – with all the limitations due to human limitations – what is happening behind the scenes of the current world stage. In fact nihil volitum nisi praecognitum / nothing can be wanted if it is not known first. Therefore, in order to better counter the subversion that is revolutionizing the whole world, under the pretext of a “pandemic”, it is necessary to know first what is its nature and who are its main agents and just then you can fight the enemy you know. In fact, if the enemy remained unknown, like a submarine that does not come out, it would be much more difficult to sink.

Have a good read!

Parmenide Pavolini


1 The volume can be claimed from the Publisher: tel: 073. 71. 00. 69; cell: 335. 45. 74. 64; online site: https://www.effedieffeshop.com/i-lubavich-e-i-potenti-del-mondo/

2 The “Fifth Revolution”: The devil and the forces of evil (postbiblic Judaism, Esotericism, Freemasonry …) that he directs hate God, but can do nothing against Him; they then attack his noblest and at the same time most vulnerable creature: man, composed of soul and body and wounded by original sin, while the angel is a pure spirit now confirmed in grace. The devil pushes man to sin, to make him lose sanctifying grace; it also arouses human forces that put themselves at his service to subvert the work of creation: the great stages of this enormous subversive work are: 1°) Renaissance Humanism (Four/Sixteenth Century); 2°) the Liberal/Masonic Enlightenment (18th century/nineteenth century); 3°) individualistic liberalism and Marxist-Leninist Communism (20th century) and 4°) what you might call the”Fourth Revolution“, i.e. the sixty-eight in which Freudian Psychoanalysis (with the “Frankfurt School” and “Structuralism French”) revolutionized man in his psyche, helping himself with drugs, fashion, ye-ye music and pansexualism. Today subversion is taking a further step: 5°) what we might call the “Fifth Revolution“, i.e. Trans/humanism (2019/2021), which would like to penetrate directly into the mind and will of man, through eugenics (being now outdated the psychoanalytic way, which reaches the soul and its noble faculties only indirectly, through sensitivity and emotions, just like the devil does), implanting nano/particles in human DNA, trying to make man a remote-controlled robot, after turning off his free will and his right reason. This last assault of the Evil One against the creature of God, is an attempt that only divine Omnipotence can prevent, humanly speaking the battle is lost.

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