Editorial – Holy Easter 2021 – Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ: today as then

Newsletter n°16 – Sunday 4 March 2021Santa Easter

“Two passions, hatred and fear watch over this tomb. It ended with a huge boulder and equipped with the synagogue seal. Soldiers regularly alternate with the guard to prevent any clandestine visits. And it is believed that these precautions will be worth squandering forever in the tomb the one who said of his body: “Destroy this temple, in three days I will give it to you beautiful and rebuilt.
Oh how men become ridiculous when they want to take it against God’s designs and try to disbute his promises! On the morning of the third day the earth trembles, an angel descends from heaven, removes the stone of the tomb, and the flesh of the Savior, revived by a divine virtue, is unleashed gloriously and triumphantly from the arms of death.”
Jesus in the Rosary – Father L. Monsabrè O.P.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Praise be to Jesus Christ, Hail Mary,
What happened more than 2000 years ago on Golgothy does not cease to be relevant, but has established itself within humanity. It can be said that that event circumscribed in space-time, has given its imprint to the subsequent events of the world and today we are at their epilogue, at the final showdown. The protagonists always the same. On the one hand, that pharisaic spirit animated by the same satanic hatred that premeditated and wanted deicide at all costs. On the other Christ and His Bride, the Holy Church heir to the New Covenant.

Just as Christ had a glorious moment, in which he preached the Kingdom of God, operating conversions and miracles, which led him to be acclaimed as a Savior on Palm Sunday, so the Holy Church had glorious years that led it to build a civilization. As Leo XIII wrote in the Immortal Dei, “There was a time when the philosophy of the Gospel governed society: then the power of Christian wisdom and the divine spirit had penetrated into the laws, institutions, customs of peoples, in every order and sector of the State, when the religion founded by Jesus Christ, permanently placed at the level of dignity that was its competence, wherever it prospered, with the favor of the Princes and under the legitimate protection of magistrates; when priesthood and empire proceeded in harmony and joined them a auspicious bond of friendly and exchangeable services. Society took from this order unimaginable fruits, the memory of which lasts and will last, given to countless historical monuments, which no evil art of enemies can contradict or obscure. The fact that Christian Europe has tamed barbarian peoples and drawn them from ferocity to mesmanude, from superstition to truth; who successfully repulsed the invasions of the Maomettans; that it held the primacy of civilization; who has always been able to offer himself to other peoples as a guide and teacher for every honourable enterprise; that he has given true and multiple examples of freedom to peoples; who has created with great wisdom numerous institutions to relieve human miseries; for all this undoubtedly owes a great deal of gratitude to religion, which had wishes in so many enterprises and which helped it to carry them out.”

But here the Pharisaic spirit, which has always acts in the shadows, hordes its plots and feeds the rebellion by leveraging human misery and vices. Here are the Revolutions that, cloaked in illusory ideals, inevitably bear fruit: disorder, death, destruction and poverty. This is organised in a diabolically skilful manner. It, with its thousand tentacles, creeps into every fold of society and into the Church itself, changing consciences with one and only purpose: the annihilation of Christianity, therefore of God and consequently of man. The people, who until before cheered her, are up against the Holy Mother Church; it is slandered and blamed for any alleged injustice. “Crucifiggete it!” the un impious scream of the excited and obtained people. Nothing must remain, of Christ and his Church, not even a distant memory. Everything has to be erased.

Today we are in the final stages of this process. We can fully affirm that we are in the days of the Passion of the Church of Christ (and of all humanity). She has been declared dead, derided and persecuted. His face is disfigured and stripped of his authority and the means to exercise it. It must be crucified.

A seal is put on the Banned Truth. As then, hatred and fear are the two passions that keep this seal. The radical hatred of those who lead humanity to slaughter and the fear with which this state of affairs is maintained, and by this we refer explicitly to current events. We do not know how far events will go, to what extent God will allow the promoters of this infernal plan to go. Almost certainly the sufferings of a great purification await us until croce’s death that we will see how it manifests itself. Christ apparently abandons humanity completely to himself, to his hybris and the result will be, even more than in the previous phases of the revolution, death and destruction, since now nothing more seems to limit the action of these forces.

But defeat is already sanctioned. Three days (the famous three days of darkness?) will be enough to completely tear apart and frustrate secular efforts: Oh how men become ridiculous when they want to take it against God’s designs and try to disbute his promises!
Here is the glory of resurrection, bought at the price of the most horrible suffering. It had to be like this. It is the Savior who tells those who, like the disciples of Emmaus, are scandalized by his passion: Nonne oportuit pati Christum, et ita latrare in gloriata suam?

“Now the path that the soldiers must beat cannot be different from that traveled by the captain. Enlisted under the banner of Christ, let us not hope to arrive at the incorruptible glory and eternal happiness that God has promised uson the street (ungainly too busy) of joys and pleasures. Jesus did not pass through this. And the harsh path of pain, sown again by its bloody footsteps, which leads to the glories of eternity. It is the cross that he brought, the cross on which he died, which opens the gates of heaven, inexorably closed to the softness of the worldly. Suffering to live eternally, such is the uniform of the Christian.
But the mystery of the Resurrection is a living image of spiritual change, which must take place in each of us. Sin is death: sin is the tomb where our captive soul sleeps with the most fatal sleep. The enemy of health takes every art to never wake up. However, he cannot prevent the voice of God from reaching our tomb: “Raise us, she cries to us, raise us, you who sleep, take you out of the dead, and Christ will enlighten you” (Surge, qui dormi», et exurge a mortuis, et illuminabit te Christus (Eph. V. 14).
At the first call of this voice, we immediately come out of sin. It could also remain silent forever. And then a longer death would perhaps generate irremediable corruption in us.
But how to get out? How to break the bandages that engulf us? How can we lift the stone that covers us, that is, the inveterate habits, the shameful cowardice of our will weakened by the consensus given to guilt? — Courage, or Christian. The symbol contains a promise. It is for us that Jesus Christ has risen. Resurrexit propter iustificationem nostram (Rom. IV. 25.). The divine virtue of his glorified humanity will one day gather our scattered ashes and revive our flesh, dissolved from death, with eternal incorruptibility: but now divine virtue wants to act on our soul and make it pass from sin to justice, and give it the strength to walk in great strides in a holy novelty of life.

O good Jesus, I entrust myself only to you, my lovely Master. Have mercy on me: I am dead, or at least I feel die every day: because it is not to live my continuous languishing in lukewarmness. By the virtue of your holy resurrection let me out of the tomb of my imperfections. Renew my soul: so that, penetrated by your light, freed from the predominance of the flesh, agile to good, and entirely understood to the work of its perfection, it may not live more than for you, as you do not live more than for God.”[1] Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the wish we wish you for this Holy Passover: that your life will be from today and always in the grace of God, fortified by the sacraments, woven with prayer and sacrifice, nourished by that authentic Faith that moves the mountains; may you trust and take permanent refuge in the divine Hearts of Jesus and Mary in order to be freed from the slavery of the flesh and of all other lust. In order to be able to say with the Apostle: alive ego, jam not ego. Vivit true in me Christus!

Thank you for your testimony, may God give you credit for it.
Easter to all of you and your families.

Oremus ad invicem in Jesu et Mariae

Lo staff di Exsurge Christianitas

[1] Jesus in the Rosary – Father L. Monsabrè O.P. – Ed. Tip.Pontificia and Arciv. Dell’Immacolata Concezione-Modena, p.96-99

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