Way to listen to Holy Mass

Way to listen to Holy Mass


At the beginning of Holy Mass. — Jesus goes from the Upper Room to Gethsemane, where he prosys on the ground, prays and sweats blood.

I confess, O my Jesus, that my sins were the cause of your painful agony. I confess this before you, to the Ever Virgin Mary, to the Angels to the Apostles and to all saints. Too much I have offended and outraged you; but now I regret it with all my heart and I pray to the Blessed Virgin, the Angels, the Apostles and all the Saints of paradise, that mercy and health may intercede for me.

Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me. (1st g. 1 v.).

To the kiss of the Altar and the Kyrie.Jesus is betrayed with a kiss by Judas, and, bound by the manigolds, is dragged to Jerusalem amid a thousand torments and torments.

You, O dear Jesus, submitting entirely to the will of the eternal Father, and sighing the hour of suffering and dying for me, courageously go to meet your own enemies. Alas! Judas cheats on you with a kiss and sells you. Lord, have mercy on me, keep your hands on my head well and do not allow me to abuse piety practices and the sacraments to offend you. (300 g.1 v).

Al Gloria and Oremus.Jesus, abandoned by his disciples and disowned by Peter, converts the latter with a look of mercy.

When you were captured and dragged to the courts, your disciples, or Jesus fled. Peter alone followed you from afar; but when he found himself among your persecutors, he denied you replicably. Deh! do that

I always flee bad companies and dangerous occasions, never give in to human respect, but confess and glorify ognora even in the face of your enemies.

At the Epistle. – Jesus receives a strong slap in front of Anna and is dragged into pilate’s pretorial and herod.

O good Jesus, Pilate declared you innocent and sent you to Herod who drew you as a madman, and you suffered for my sake this new humiliation. Deh! let me always gladly give up on what divine Providence will want me to have, and in all adversity say:

Let god’s just, very high and lovable will be made, praised and eternally exalted in all things. (Ind. 100 g. 1 v. – Pius VII, 1818).

To the Gospel.Pilate condemns Jesus to flagellation,even thoughhe has found him innocent.

0h Lord, those who out of human respect blush of your Gospel! Deh! never allow this to be said of me: therefore I make the sign of the cross on my + forehead, so that I may never be ashamed of your Gospel; on my + mouth, he frowned that he should be ready to confess it before the world all; on my + heart, so that I may always be willing to offer blood and life for the truth of the same.

The Cross is my certain health: I always gild theCross: the Cross of the Lord is with me: the Cross is my refuge. (Ind. 300 g. 1 v. – Pius IX, 1874).

To the Creed.Pilate asks the people, if he wants to free Jesus or Barabbas.

Although Jesus is bound as an evildoer, dressed as a madman, and in a thousand ways mocked and despised, however He is the God adored, served and honored by all angels (Recite the Creed).

When you discover the glass and theOffertory. Jesus is stripped, crowned with thorns, spat and mocked

Jesus bound and scourged to the column, offers himself for us to the Eternal Father, and I offer you, Lord, all the things that can afflict me, willingly bearing them for your sake and in penance of my sins.

Eternal Father, I offer you the sacrifice he made of himself on the cross, and now renews on this altar your beloved son Jesus, and I offer it to you on behalf of all the creatures of the Masses, which have been celebrated and celebrated throughout the world, to worship you and give you the honor you deserve, to give you the due thanks of your countless , to appease your wrath for so many of our sins and give you worthy satisfaction, and to beg you for me, for the Holy Church, for the whole world and for the blessed souls of Purgatory. (Ind. 3 years during mass).

At the Washbasin. — Pilate proclaims Jesus innocent again and washes his hands.

Forgive me, Lord, and may I always really say that I have pure and clear hands, hearts and minds from all faults, only to appear innocent before you at the judgment.

Sweet Jesus, do not want to be my Judge, but Saviour. (Ind. 50 g. 1 v. – Pius IX, 1851).

At The Friar Fratres. Pilate shows the people Jesus all torn and dripping with blood, saying: Behold man!

If the Jews had known Jesus, they would have reduced him to a compassionate state; but I know him and I know that he is my God, my Father: and why do I not love him, we pray, do not love him? ah! that for the future I always want to say:

Sweet Heart of my Jesus, may I love you more and more. (300 g. o. v.).

At the Preface. — Jesus is condemned to death.

Your enemies, O Jesus, insist with ever greater care, that you may be crucified, and Pilate condemns you to die on the cross; and in this way you save us, O Jesus, by means of a wood, as Adam by means of a wood has ruined us. I admire, O amiable Redeemer, your sum and industrious goodness and together with the angelic militias that I thank you with the heavenly canticle:

Holy, Holy, Holy are you, O Lord, God of armies. Full is the land of your glory. Glory to the Father, glory to the Son, glory to the Holy Spirit.

(Ind. 100 g. 1 v.).

After the Sanctus. — Jesus is loaded with the cross.

What an atrocious pain for you, O Jesus, when he loaded himself on your shoulders, soothe the cross! But you welcomed and embraced her with joy, and you set out for Calvary, glad to soon be able to consume on it the holocaust of your life. Deh! My Lady, give me a spark of your love, and then I too will always have dear the Cross, I will love the sorrows and I will find the suffering sweet.

To the signs of the Cross. — Jesus is nailed to the Cross.

Oh! how cruel they were, O Jesus, the executioners who laid there and nailed them on the Cross! But the crueler those who with their iniquity set you back on that wood and reopen your wounds. ah! unfortunately I am of this number. Great is my confusion, great my pain. Forgive me for your most holy wounds; enclose me in them and for them deign to free me from sin. My Jesus, mercy, (ind. 300 g. o. v.).

To the elevation of the Host. — Jesus is raised on the Cross with great sorrow, and is dropped deep into the pit.

Crucified my Jesus, I humbly love you in that – the sacrosanct Host. I believe that you are present here in body, blood, soul and divinity, which one you were raised on the Cross. I thank you for what you have suffered for me and for everyone, and I give you all of myself.

My God and Mine. (7 a. and 7 forty. looking at the Host).

Praise be praised and thanked every moment for the most holy and divine Sacrament (ind. 300 g. o. v.).

To the elevation of the Chalice. — Jesus pours blood from sores on the Cross.

I believe, O Lord, that in that cup there is the same precious Blood that was seen to come out of your most adorable wounds, when you were spating on the gallows of the Cross. I love you and I want with your help to always fight my evil passions, and also at the cost of my blood zeal your love.

Eternal Father, I offer you the most precious Blood of Jesus C. in the account of my sins, and for the needs of the Holy Church. (ind g. or. v.).

After elevation. — Jesus on the Cross is blasphemous and mocked, and he prays to the Eternal Father for his crucifixors.

Concern, O Lord, from your Sanctuary and from the excellent dwelling place of heaven, and target this sacrosanct Host who offers you our Supreme Pontiff and Holy St. Your Son Jesus for the sins of his brothers and sisters, and forgive us the multitude of our sins. Here is the voice of the blood of our brother Jesus, who cries! to you from the cross. Answer us, O Lord, appease yourselves, concern us and do not linger for your goodness, for your name is invoked above us, on this place and on all yours! people, and take you with us in accordance with your mercy. So be it.

Eternal Father, we offer you the Blood, the Passion and Death of Jesus C., the sorrows of Mary SS. and St. Joseph in the account of our sins, in suffrage of the holy souls of purgatory, for the needs of the Holy Mother Church, and for the conversion of sinners.(Ind. 100 g. 1 see — Pius IX, 1860).

O Precious blood of eternal life, mercede and redemption of the whole universe, drink and wash of our souls, which you continually protect the cause of men at the throne of supreme Mercy, deeply I love you, and I would like, as far as possible, to compensate you for the insults and crushes that you receive continuously from human creatures and especially from those who dare recklessly to blaspheme you And who won’t bless this Blood of Infinite Value? Who notices will feel inflamed with affection towards Jesus, who spread it? Who got away from the veins of my Lord to the last drip? ah! this is certainly debunked love. O immense love, that you have given us this very healthy balm! O priceless balm, sprung from the source of an immense love, deh! may all hearts, all languages praise, praise and thank you now and forever and until the day of eternity. Amen.

(Ind. 300 g. 1 v.)

Al Pater. — Jesus is watered with vinegar, leaves Mary SS. to us for Mother, recommends his soul to the Father, agonizes for three hours, and lowering his head, dies.

O Divine Jesus, incarnate Son of God, who dignified you for our salvation to be born in a nativity scene, to beat life in poverty, tribulations and misery, and to die among the sorrows of the Cross; say, please, to divine your Father at the point of my death: Father, forgive him; tell your beloved Mother: Here’s your son; and say to my soul: Today you will be meco in Paradise. My God, my God, don’t abandon me at that hour. I am thirsty: yes, my God, my soul thirsts for you, who are the source of living water. My life passes because it is a shadow; another little yet and everything will be consumed. O My lovely Savior, from this moment for all eternity in your hands I recommend my spirit, O Lord Jesus, receive my soul. So be it.

(Ind. 300 g. o. v.).

At Agnus Dei.Jesus just died, wounded in the heart, pours blood and water: Mary SS. and the pious women mourn Jesus, and many of those present are beating each other – the chest confesses it for true God.

Oh! me miserable, that so far, O my Jesus, I have never cried, as is my duty, your painful passion and death, nor even my sins, which have been the cause of so many of your sufferings; Deh! forgive me, and give me the grace to mourn them at least in the future.

That is how far your excessive charity has come, o Jesus my most amiable. You of your flesh and blood have set me up a divine canteen to give me all yourself. Who ever pushed you to such carriages of, love? Certainly not others, than your most loving Heart. O Adorable Heart of my Jesus, the most ardent furnace of divine love, receive in your most sacred plague my soul, so that in this school of charity I may learn to love that God, who gives me proofs so admirable of his love; and so be it. (ind. 100 g. 1 v.).

Communion. — Jesus, de place by. Cross, it is given in his lap. mother and then put in the grave.

O Jesus infinitely amiable! I regret having sinned, and I am ready for your sake to make it penance. O Jesus, beloved of my soul, for now I cannot receive you sacramentally, come spiritually to my poor heart: possess it all, and let it always be united with yours in time and eternity.

After Communion. — O Jesus very sweet, as I have already come I embrace you and all to you I join; don’t let me ever separate me from you. O Jesus, how good you have been and are you good to me! and I how ungrateful for you! O infinitely good heart forget everything, and do me the grace to amend even the lightest defects; especially help me correct myself from (here name your defect).

Welcome, O Lord, all my freedom. Receive memory, intellect and all the will. Whatever I have or own, it is all your gift: all to you I give back and to your will entirely I give to guard. Give me only your love with your grace, and I hold myself rich enough, nor any more I ask, 0

At the last prayers. — Resurrected Jesus appears to the Mother and to the Disciples.

Oh! how they were rewarded in your resurgence, O Jesus, the hovices of your passion! I congratulate you, who have thus won death, and take away the gates of hell. Deh! may I also rise once from my sins so that I may never fall back on it again, so that, always conforming my life to your holy will, may one day rise with you to glory.

O most merciful Jesus, you are our health, your life and our resurrection. Let us therefore pray that we do not indulge in our distress and tribulation; but for the agony of your Wise Heart, and for the sorrows of your immaculate Mother, help your servants who you redeem with your precious blood.

(Ind. 100 g. 1 v. — Pius IX, 1870).

To the Blessing. — Jesus blesses the apostles and disciples before ascending to Heaven and sends the Holy Spirit upon them.

Eternal Father, we offer you the most precious blood of Jesus scattered for us with so much love and pain from the plague of his right hand; and for the merits and virtues of it we bese the divine majesty of your majesty to grant us the S. Blessing, that by virtue of it we may be defended by our enemies and be freed from all evils: Benedictio Dei omnipoténtis, Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti descéndat super nos, et maneat semper. Amen.

(I’m going to say a Pater, Hail and Gloria. Ind. 100 g. or. v. — 1823).

To the last Gospel. — Jesus sends the Apostles to preach the Holy Gospel in every part of the world.

Mr. my G.C., that to save the world you wanted to be born in a poor hut, to be circumcised, retried by the Jews, betrayed by Judas with a sacrilegious kiss, and what meek and innocent lamb, with ropes tied, and obscenely dragged in the presence of Anna, Caifa, Pilate and Herod: voles from false witnesses to be accused, wrenched by scourges and obbrobrobrous , crowned with thorns, beaten with slaps, insulted with spit; and, veiled your divine face, be beaten with cane, and stripped from your robes, confused and raised on the cross between two thieves, watered with gall and vinegar, and with a pierced spear. Deh! my Redeemer, for these most holy sorrows from you for my sake tolerated, which I, although unworthy, go considering, and for the holy cross and your death, free me from the pains of hell, and deign to welcome me to heaven, where you led the repentant thief crucified with you. my Jesus, who with the Father and neck Holy Spirit live and reign God for all the centuries of the centuries. So be it.

After Mass. Almighty God, most holy Trinity, I thank you for admitting me to this great Sacrifice; forgive me for all my guilt in assisting you. Keep in me the fruit with a living faith, a firm hope and an ardent charity. So be it.

Priest’s prayers after mass.

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