Definition and Purpose

Definition. The Perpetual Rosary is an association for which the Holy Rosary is recited in every hour, day and night, without interruption from the first to the last of the year, to make Mary a perpetual cult and obtain from It a perpetual rescue.

This association forms the Queen of Angels’ Guard of Honour down here. Its members take by lot, or by choice, an hour of the year, during which they say a whole Rosary, and are honored with the glorious title of Knights of Mary.

Original Purposes The Perpetual Rosary is intended to ask God for Mary the good of all the faithful in general; and in particular it has three purposes: the conversion of sinners, to which the first part of the Rosary applies. 2nd the good death of the agonists, which is asked in the second part of the Rosary. 3rd the freedom of the souls of Purgatory, which is claimed in the third part.