From a dream of St. John Bosco:

“I found myself, mysteriously, on the beach of the sea, above an isolated rock. On the waters I saw an innumerable multitude of ships ordered by battle, armed with cannons, loaded with rifles, weapons of all kinds, incendiary materials and even books. They all advanced against a much larger, taller ship, attempting to shoot down or set it on fire. To this majestic ship, furnished with everything, stocked many ships, which from it received command signals to defend themselves from their enemies. The rough seas and the wind seemed to favour the enemies. On the expanse of the sea stood two sturdy columns, very high, not far from each other; above one stood the statue of the Immaculate Virgin, at whose feet it was written: “Auxilium Christianorum” (Help of Christians); on the other, which was much taller and larger, stood an Host of greatness proportionate to the column, with these words: “Salus Credentium” (Health of believers).
The Supreme Commander of the great ship, which is the Roman Pontiff, seeing the fury of the enemies, summoned around him the pilots of the secondary ships to give advice. Enraged the storm more and more, he sent them back to rule their ships. The Pope stood at the helm and his efforts were directed to bring the ship in the middle of the two columns.
Enemy ships attacked battle, but every effort was futile. The Pope, overcoming every obstacle, guided the ship up to the two columns and, having reached the middle of them, tied it with a chain that hung from the prow to an anchor of the column, above which the Host was; and with another chain he tied it on the opposite side to the column, above which the Immaculate Virgin was placed.
Then a big reversal happened. The enemy ships fled, bumped into each other, then went into the gurgles of the sea. Eventually calm returned.

Don Bosco at this point in the narrative, questioned one of those present: Don Rua, what do you think of what I told?

Don Rua replied: It seems to me that the Pope’s ship is the Church, of which he is the leader; the sea, ships and men represent the world. Those who defend the big ship are the good guys, fond of the Holy See. The others are the enemies of the Church, who with all sorts of weapons seek to annihilate it. The two pillars of salvation seem to me to be the devotion to Holy Mary and the devotion to the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Don Bosco added: You said it right. All we have to do is correct one expression: the ships of the enemies are persecutions. Very serious travails are being prepared for the Church. What has so far been, can be said a nothing in comparison to what will have to happen.”

The dream of St. John Bosco well sums up the present period of human history. We are in fact witnessing the fulfillment of a global totalitarian plan which is translating into a total enslavement of the human race and the intentional creation of widespread chaos. Never before has the risk been so great, not only of losing the most basic freedoms, but of being brought to levels of civilization that we do not hesitate to define as sub-human.

What we are witnessing today is only the final phase of a process that has been going on for centuries that aims to dismantle the traditional order and, in the first place, the Roman Catholic Church, which for centuries has been the only barrier against the spread of demonic forces leading the revolutionary process, but which today seems to have lost, in many of its members, this fundamental mission.

At this dramatic moment we are aware that it is no longer the time for half measures. With these satanic forces it is never possible to dialogue. In fact, they want to erase from the face of the earth all traces of Truth and any indication that it brings back to the idea of God alone; they have always had the goal of razing Christian civilization so that we no longer even remember it.
We must realize that this is a war. This is The War.
A war in which the struggle is first and foremost supernatural.

And as we know, and as has already happened in the past, when all seems lost, Heaven comes to the aid. There is only one name that has the power to stop these satanic planes and it is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ, before whose Name every knee bends, in Heaven, on earth and under the ground. And Our Lord has entrusted the Virgin Mary with the conduct of the heavenly militias that will lead to crushing the head of the proud serpent and the inevitable triumph of His Immaculate Heart.

In this scenario Exsurge Christianitas is born! Our fight is a Crusade. Our action, Counter-Revolution. Not a revolution of the opposite sign, which generates a new oppression, because fueled by the same fundamental hatred. But an action aimed at restoring the true Tradition and the Violated Order. Our motto can only take back what was of the Holy Pontiff Pius X: Establish omnia in Christ. The only guarantee of truth, justice and freedom, and therefore of peace.

For this reason, our Crusade begins first of all from a call to supernatural weapons.

In particular, referring to the dream of St. John Bosco, our precise goal is to recover two ancient and most powerful practices of piety that concern the worship of Mary in the guise of Auxilium Christianorum and that of the adoration of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament, today as never outraged.

First means:
Restoring the WATCH HOUR

Reconnecting to an ancient Brotherhood born in the first half of the 1600s by Dominican father Tommaso Ricci o.p. and then taken up in 1885 by Blessed Bartolo Longo, the aim is to create a chain of uninterrupted prayer in order to support all the forces that, at this terrible moment, work for Christ and his Church. We know that“Our battle is not against creatures made of blood and flesh, but against the Principalities and The Power, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits that inhabit the celestial regions”(Ef, 6.12).

This group will form the Queen of Angels’ Guard of Honour down here, and its members will be able to line up in battle as Knights of Mary.

The objective of the PERPETUAL ROSARY is therefore to make the Holy Rosary resound at any time of day and night, without interruption from the first to the last day of the year, in every place that can be reached and rendered a perpetual worship to Mary, obtaining from It a perpetual help.

The Perpetual Rosary will have the purpose of asking God for Mary the good of all humanity and in particular will pray for the following purposes:

  1. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the liberation of mankind from the infernal forces and sects that cooperate with it and are its instrument.
  2. The conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls to God’s greater glory, conquering as many souls as possible to the Immaculate Heart so that through His Immaculate Heart they may be more perfectly united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Will of God.
  3. The restoration of theOrdo Christianus, the only order capable of guaranteeing the true spiritual and material good of man because it conforms to the laws of the Creator’s will. The restoration of the Christian Order involves the dismantling of the revolutionary forces, the restoration of the primacy of Truth as the founding principle of thinking and acting, against apostasy, theological modernism and moral relativism that are rampant inside and outside the Church, the formation of a Catholic social fabric and a system of government that places god’s laws first, as the foundation of the true common good.

Second means:
Restoring the LIVING LAMPS

It takes up an ancient Confraternity founded by the holy Curé of Ars which had as its purpose to create a chain of perpetual adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, in order to pay a continuous homage to Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar. This is extremely important also by way of reparation, at a time when the Sacrament of the Eucharist is so heavily outraged and offended every day.

From the text of the constitution of the Living Lamps[1]:

“The Living Lamps are chosen souls who want to make a perennial cult of adoration to the SS. Sacrament and commit oneself so that, at least during the hours of the day, always, the Divine King of Love, sees around Himself some Worshipers who present to Him their homages, their pleas, their protests of love in their own name and of everything. the Christian people.

Since Jesus wanted to fix his perennial abode among us, isn’t it right that there are souls who perennially recognize him and adore him in this sublime mystery of his love? “

The goal of the LIVING LAMPS is therefore to form a network of worship to the Holy Sacrament.

Exsurge Christianitas was therefore born as a league of generous men and women who aim to offer the contribution of prayer and implore divine help for the mediation of the Immaculate Conception, in the very difficult epochal moment we are experiencing.

The intentions of our prayer then wish to express themselves in accordance with Fatima’s message, in the spirit of Penanceand Reparations, ecognizing its supernatural value in achieving the objectives mentioned above. It is necessary, in this regard, to emphasize a fundamental aspect: Our Lady in her appearance in Fatima gave a very precise indication:”Stop offending my Son! Otherwise a war will follow an even more terrible one!”
It is necessary that everyone understands that a network of prayers will not have an incisive effect, unless it is accompanied by a sincere effort towards a true reform of the life of those who participate in it. On the one hand it must lead, as far as is humanly possible, with the indispensable help of sanctifying grace and with frequent approach to the Sacraments, to the cessation of our individual sin, and on the other to an attitude of offering ourselves in spirit. of reparation for the sins of the whole world.

This spirit of austere militancy, which should permeate those who adhere to the project, is well expressed by the beginning of the primitive rule of the Order of the Temple drawn up by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux:

“We turn first and foremost to those who deeply despise their will and desire, with purity of heart, to serve the Supreme King (Christ[Cristo]) as knights and to wear, now and forever, with caring concern, the noble armor of obedience.”

In the same way, we ask anyone who makes the call at this critical moment in human history to devote every possible energy to the Cause. It’s no longer time to be lukewarm. This is the time of choice. It is the time at which you choose which banner to serve. There are no middle ground. Either he serves Christ and his Church, or he serves the Enemy with his demonic hordes.

If God gives us the strength, our activity will then want to go further. Our prayer will be accompanied by strategy and action. Aware of the many fronts, it wants to become a cultural battle and again educational and civilizing.

The first step will be the use of communication and training to restore a historical truth, covered by centuries of mud and lies. First of all, against the Roman Catholic Church, which makes sure that today, even Catholics, take for granted the contents of the black legends artfully built by the “reformer” (Luther) onward. So it is necessary to reveal the truth of facts today covered by narratives that have nothing to do with historical reality. The reference is to the so-called “lights”, the Bolshevik revolution, the myths of the resurgence and the alleged sexual liberation of the 68th. These events, far from achieving what they promised, led us to the tyranny of the transhumanism of today, but fully realizing what was from the outset their essential content. Leit motiv of all these facts: a deliberate and massive use of the lie and the subversion of facts that has been hurled and lashes out against everything that tastes traditional and therefore in the first place against the Roman Catholic Church.

It will then be necessary to operate at an economic level to free ourselves from the economic mechanisms that support the monstrous and demonic hydra that oppresses humanity. It will also be necessary, over time, to build a political alternative with sound traditional foundations, recovering the value of the political experiences of past centuries, erased by the experiences of absolutism, liberalism and Masonic-led Risorgimentoism.

Finally, but not least because of the importance of the Catholic Church, we must work so that we can recover the value and beauty of the traditional tridentine liturgy by promoting as much as possible the knowledge and diffusion between priests and lay faithful and reversing the direction taken in recent decades in which a certain “liturgical creativity” has favored the spread of countless abuses. This liturgy contains an enormous exorcistic power, is the source of an incalculable spiritual power for the support and nourishment of souls and has generated legions of Saints over the centuries. Not surprisingly, its suppression was one of the main objectives of Luther onwards. This front is therefore one of the cornerstones for the rebirth of Catholic civilization.

This is the ambitious project we set ourselves.

The contemporary skeptical mentality will be able to smile at what seems to want to recover anachronistic and outdated realities. But as Doctor Angelico teaches us, time and number are not criteria of truth. Truth is independent of time and manifests itself in the order of Being despite any denial.

The reality of the facts can therefore only give us reason even in time. As nihilism passes from theory to practice, today’s skeptics will have no choice but to admit their mistakes and embrace the one lifeboat made up of Christ and His Church. Or succumb. They have the choice.


As St. Joan of Arc said:

“When the enemy seems to prevail in battle, when his forces seem overwhelming, when the combat strategy seems to make the troops retreat… then the battle is carried on in a different way, the “cells” of good multiply, the warriors remain united, the guerrillas become intense and annoying; find the spirit of the body, stand up the ranks of fraternity, endure the going against the current, do not miss opportunities for, agile and light, strike at the heart the powerful enemy… To us the battle, to God the victory”

If God gives us the strength, we will accomplish all this.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

[1] Fr. Joseph M. Petazzi S. I. Lamps to Jesus! – Trieste – Living Lamps 1939-XVII