On the Exsurge Christianitas project:

Question: What is Exsurge Christianitas?


Exsurge Christianitas is a project created to actively promote the creation of a network of perpetual prayer and adoration that aims to impeach supernatural help in these times of darkness. The aim is to promote the restoration of Ordo Christianus, recognizing it as an essential condition for real stability and lasting peace. This condition can be summed up with the well-known motto of St. Pius X, Instaurare omnia in Christo.

Question: How can I actively participate in the work of Exsurge Christianitas?


You can actively participate in the work of Exsurge Christianitas:

  • Adhering to the Now of Guadia – Perpetual Rosary project to the Queen of Victories
  • Participating in the Perpetual Adoration of Living Lamps project
  • By actively spreading the initiative in order to extend the forward network. In the latter case you are advised to contact us directly at the info@exsurgechristianitas.orgemail address.

Domanda: posso contribuire alla diffusione della rete del Rosario e Adorazione?


Yes, I do. It is a fundamental thing for all participants to commit to spreading the network as much as possible.

Question: Is it mandatory to share the aims of Exsurge Christianitas in order to collaborate?


Yes, it is mandatory to share the purposes expressed in the manifesto in order to collaborate with Exsurge Christianitas.

On the Project Now of Guard – Rosario Perpetuity:

Question: What does the Watch Hour consist of?


The Hour of Guard consists of making available an hour of its time on a set day and with established frequency,to recite an entire Rosary,consisting of the 3 traditional crowns (Misteri Gaudiosi, Painful and Glorious).

Question: Is it mandatory to express the intentions indicated in the manifesto or can they be customized?


Yes,to participate in the Hour of Guard of Exsurge Christianitas it is mandatory to recite the Holy Rosary expressing the three intentions contained in the manifesto. It is possible to add personal ones to these intentions.

For convenience, we can see below:

  1. The triumph of mary’s Immaculate Heart and the liberation of mankind from the hellish forces embodied by the world Masonic lodges and the demonic hordes affiliated with them.
  2. The conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls to God’s greater glory, conquering as many souls as possible to the Immaculate Heart so that through His Immaculate Heart they may be more perfectly united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Will of God.
  3. The restoration of theOrdo Christianus, the only order capable of guaranteeing the true spiritual and material good of man because it conforms to the laws of the Creator’s will. The restoration of the Christian Order involves the dismantling of the revolutionary forces, the restoration of the primacy of Truth as the founding principle of thinking and acting, against apostasy, theological modernism and moral relativism that are rampant inside and outside the Church, the formation of a Catholic social fabric and a system of government that places god’s laws first, as the foundation of the true common good.

They can also be found in the acting manual downloadable from the home page

Question: How and when should the intentions contained in the manifesto be expressed?


The three intentions must be expressed at the beginning of each crown. At the beginning of the first crown the first intention is expressed, at the beginning of the second crown the second intention is expressed and at the beginning of the third crown the third intention is expressed.

Question: How do I participate in the Watch Hour?


To take part in the Hour of Guard, you must:

  • Establish a date and time when I can recite the Holy Rosary;
  • Possibly establish a frequency if I want to recite it regularly;
  • Check the calendar on the site for the time and day you choose (https://exsurgechristianitas.org/aderisci/);
  • Book the time.
  • If you have a problem, you can always contact us at our email info@exsurgechristianitas.org
Question: if the selected hourly intervals are not available, what should I do?


If you do not have the chosen time slots, please find an alternative one to fill the calendar gaps. If, however, there is no alternative for a specific date/time that is already committed, please email our info@exsurgechristianitas.org and you will be entered manually.

Question: How do I know if the booking was successful? (if I don’t receive the confirmation email?)


The reservation was successful when, once the confirmation button is pressed, we are taken to the following page: https://exsurgechristianitas.org/en/thank-you-for-your-participation-in-the-perpetual-rosary/.
If this happens, you are SURE that the reservation has been made.

Otherwise the reservation certainly did not take place.

If the booking was successful and I do not receive the confirmation email, it is likely that it ended up in the SPAM. To overcome this inconvenience, we invite you to put the Exsurge address in your address book, among your contacts.

Question: Is it possible to cancel or move the date in case of need?


Yes, you can cancel your reservations using the link at the bottom of the confirmation email. In case of multiple bookings, a cancellation link is indicated for each single appointment. The cancellation link can be used up to 24 hours before the appointment. To cancel it within 24 hours, you must contact us via email or whatsapp. For these reasons it is advisable to KEEP THE RESERVATION CONFIRMATION MAIL.

To move an appointment, you must cancel the one booked (as described above) and make a new booking on the calendar.

Question: Is it possible to receive a reminder just before the appointment?


Yes, two reminders are expected to be delivered on the e-mail and by SMS,the first 24 hours and the second 3 hours before.

Question: Is it mandatory to establish an acting frequency?


No, it is not mandatory although it is desirable. Given the spirit of the project, those involved in the project should have an understanding of the importance of committing regularly even in a spirit of sacrifice.

Question: Is there a downloadable guide?


Yes, it is downloadable at this address

Question: Can I recite four crowns instead of three?


Sure. Although preference is given to the three traditional crowns, it is also possible to recite the fourth crown of the Mysteries of Light.

Question: in which language should the Holy Rosary be recited?


The Rosary can be either in Italian or Latin. This second is preferred because of the greater spiritual power inherent in the language, but the choice is left to the rosariante. You can also alternate the language in the several tens.

Question: what to do if I finish the recitation of the Holy Rosary before the hour is over?


In case you finish the recital before the scheduled time is completed, it can be supplemented with additional prayers at the discretion of the rosariante. A non-binding example of additional prayers can be found at the end of the Book downloadable on the site.

Question: Should the Watch Hour be streamed or can I do it on my own?


Watch time is NOT a streaming appointment. It is done in total autonomy.

Adoration – Living Lamps:

Question: What are Living Lamps?


“The Living Lamps are chosen souls who want to make a perennial cult of adoration to the SS. Sacrament with a commitment so that at least during the hours of the day, the Divine King of Love always sees around Himself some Worshipers who present to Him their homages, their pleas, their protests of love in their own name and of all the Christian people. . “

For more information, please consult the page: https://exsurgechristianitas.org/en/the-living-lamps/

Question: How can I actively participate in the “Living Lamps” project?


  1. Booking your time on the calendar (see: https://exsurgechristianitas.org/en/how-to-complete-the-living-lamp-office/)
  2. Find a church where to make the hour that can be made in front of the Holy exposed or in front of the Tabernacle.
Question: What should I do if I am unable to access a Tabernacle for Adoration?


When it is possible the hour of Adoration must be done in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed or in the Tabernacle. If this is not possible (e.g. at night) you should be in this situation and, if possible, orient yourself in the direction of a Tabernacle.

Rules of life:

Question: Are the requirements written in the “Rules of Life” mandatory?


They are not mandatory in the strict sense of the word. But it is desirable that those who participate in the project understand the importance of leading a spiritual life consistent with the high goals set. Participation certainly does not imply a perfection that no one can even remotely boast and that is not even attainable except as a free gift of God (and, as far as we are concerned undeserved). Instead, it requires a purity of purpose and a direct will to perfect practical as Catholicly understood