Institution. The first idea of this work was inspired by a Dominican cleric (Fr. Thomas Ricci) around 1630. This pious thought was blessed by Heaven.

In January 1635, Fr. M. Petronio Martini from The Dominican Bologna, eager for the Virgin Mary day and night to be continually praised, published the Perpetuous Rosary in the Church of St. Dominic of Bologna, in which the sacred and verginal body of the Holy Patriarch happily rests. He disposed to the people every hour of the year so that everyone in the hour that had come to him would recite the SS. Rosario. This is what Fr. Giovanni Demora of the Pred tells. in his Jewel of the Rosary, printed in Cream in 1647; and so is the Postquam Bubble of Pius IX.

Many Popes accepted it, and more than 60 thousand people from the Holy City took part. Alexander VII, Innocent XI, Clement VII and Pius VI favored it and enriched it with indulgences. The number of associates became immense. Italy alone was among a million associates: there were a large number of bishops and more than a thousand religious communities at the head of them.

Restoration by Blessed Bartolo Logo. This devotion, meanwhile, no longer existed among us: Italy did not count for any surplus. The bishops of France and the PP. Dominicans in their convents set out in their minds to renew it in a more regular and more complete way to make around the Mother of God as a Guard of Honor who takes the defense of her worship and who is the avenger of her enemies this thought had its execution, and from the beginning was crowned by great success. But then expelled the fries from their convents, this holy devotion remained extinguished in several places, or goes there only to some secular and some good priests and religious zealots. However, we must pay well-deserved praise to the RRs. PP. Dominicans from Lyon, France, who have always kept alive this sacred exercise with booklets and medals and Menstal publications, and in particular with their Periodic La Couronne de Marie. But today, four times over the course of two years the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the High Pontiff Leo XIII, has called the whole Catholic world to the fervour of the first devour of the Rosary, in that way that was revealed to St. Dominic. (i.e. with two encyclicals, of September 1883 Supreme Apostolatus Officio, and 30 August 1884 Top year, and with two Short : Sulutaris ille of 23 December 1883, and the last of 20 August 1885); Pompeii Shrine, this association of the Rosario Perpetuo, for which each associate recites the Rosary perfectly as the SS. Virgo taught it, that is, 15 placed with the meditation of 15 Mysteries.