Prayer of dedication


“Memento Congregationis tuae” It is only up to you to form this assembly with your grace. If man first will put his hand to it, nothing will be done about it; if he adds his to your work, it will spoil everything, it will upset everything. “Your Congregationis”: God great, it is yours’s only job. “Opus tuum fac”: do your all-divine work, gather, call, gather from every part of your kingdom your chosen ones, to make them an army corps against your enemies.

Lord God of the armies, don’t you see that captains form full companies, generals enlist large armies, admirals set up entire fleets, merchants assemble in large numbers on markets and fairs? How many dishonest, unholy, dissolute disbelievers gather every day with ease and quickness against you: just a whistle that is thrown, the roll of a drum, the glitter of a blunt sword, the

promise of a dry branch of laurel, the offer of a piece of yellow or white earth… in a nutshell, a will of smoke of honor, an interest from nothing, a petty animal pleasure, to see united in an instant the thieves, massed the soldiers, gathered the battalions, assembled the merchants, crowded the houses and squares, and covered the land and the sea of an immense multitude of perverses that, although all divided from each other , because of the places of origin, or for the diversity of character or interest, however when it comes to waging war on you, they all come together until death, under the banner and command of the devil.

And for you, God, there will be no one to take over your cause, even though there is so much glory, sweetness, and advantage in serving you? Almost no soldier will line up under your flag? Almost no Saint Michael will shout among his brothers for the zeal of your glory: “Quis ut Deus?” Let me scream everywhere: On fire! To the fire! To the fire! Help! Help! Help! To the fire in God’s house, to the fire in souls, to fire even in the sanctuary! Help our brother is murdered, help our children are killed, help our good father is stabbed! “Here Domini est jungatur mih” All the good priests scattered throughout the Christian world, whether they are still in full combat, or have retreated from the fray into deserts and solitude, that all these good priests come and join us. “Vis united fit fortior”, to form under the flag of the Cross, an army well deployed to battle and well ordered to attack compact enemies of God who have already given the alarm: “Sonuerunt, frenduerunt, fremuerunt, multiplicate sunt”. Dirumpamus vincula eorum et projiciamus a nobis jugum ipsorum. Here habitat in unrideseing coelis eos.”

“Exsurgat Deus et dissipentur inimici ejus! Exurge, Domine, quare obdormis? Exurge’ Lord, get up! Why are you pretending to sleep? Rise in all your omnipotence, mercy and justice, and form a choice with the company of bodyguards, to protect your home, defend your glory, and save souls, so that there may be only one sheephouse and one pastor, and in your temple all give you glory: “Et in temple ejus omnes dicent gloriam.” Amen.