Request for Prayers

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother Holy Mary!

For some time now we have received reports and requests for prayers for particular situations and personal life.
We have thought that we can respond to these requests and needs by introducing into our prayers, a specific mention to remember all of these intentions along with all those that you would like to present at the feet of Jesus and under the manhood of Mary Most Holy.

For this reason, we have created a special e-mail address:

You can write your requests to this address and they will be posted in a single daily message on our Telegram channel inviting all members of Exsurge Christianitas to remember these intentions during the day in daily prayers. They can also be mentioned at the beginning of the Hours of Guard and Adoration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To remember these intentions it is not strictly necessary to always read them in detail. If you want you can do it, but you can simply express your intention by presenting them all at the feet of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception.

With these intentions, we believe it would be good to add a request of protection for all the souls of group and a blessing for the project itself, so that it can accomplish God’s will.

These instructions will be more specifically detailed in the next release of the Watch Hour Acting Manual, which will contain several news.
We hope that by doing so we will do something useful and welcome.

1. From now on you can request prayers for particular and personal intentions by writing to the address above;
2. They will be posted daily on the Telegram group;
3. Exsurge’s members are invited to remember these intentions in their daily prayers and in the preliminary stages of the Hours of Guard and Adoration.
4. You are required to add to these intentions an additional request for blessing and protection for the souls of Exsurge and for the project itself.

We are, of course, available in case you need further clarification.
Best regards to all of you, Hail Mary!
Exsurge Christianitas’ team