The “Living Lamps”

“The first study of the Holy Curé was to establish perpetual adoration in his church. But how can we figure this out? where to find worshippers? When a thought comes from the Holy Spirit, and is received in a faithful heart, it rarely happens that, in the name of the most unfavorable circumstances, it does not walk its path… So in the small church of Ars, for the abandoned back, as so many poor country churches are, you could see at any hour of the day two worshipping angels”. (Monnin, Life of the S. Curato d’Ars, 1. II, c. 3).

These words indicate the nature, possibility, and sublime beauty of the institutionof which we intend to give a brief nod here, because we would like to see it spread throughout the churches of the world. “

Who are the “Living Lamps”

Living Lamps are elected souls who want to make a perennial cult of adoration to SS. Sacramento with commitment so that at least during the hours of the day, always the Divine King of Love sees around him worshippers who present their tributes, their supplications, their protests of love in their own name and of all the Christian people.

We would like through these Living Lamps to arouse a true Conflagration of love throughout Italy and throughout the world.


While unfortunately hell conges from every side to destroy in the human heart any thought of its Creator, and rises frighteningly from the organized masses the blasphemous scream, the cry deicide, so that it would be said that the Antichrist has set in motion his scouting patrols, here the living Lamps huddle around the altar saints to oppose blasphemy love, to protest with his own faith against the reckless audacity of hell , and point out to the poor delirious humanity the divine King of Peace, the Victim perpetuated for the salvation of all. And by praying and joining Jesus more and more intimately in his Sacriphytium, they help him to turn away from men the lightning of divine Justice.

Restorative Love

” If the only homage to the Sovereign of love is already for himself a noble and necessary act to well dispose it in favor of the people, much more theAdoring Soul performs a very important action, presenting to him the pleas in the name of all those categories of people that it represents.

— In the name of priests, for whom he asks for that light, that flame, that strength that is necessary so that they can carry out their excellent ministry worthily, so that Eucharistic grace embalms all their actions: Their studies so that they may be truly divine, their teachings so that they may be bright, their expansions so that they may be true emanations of divine charity, especially their sacrifices so that they may be an extension of the Sacrifices of Jesus who in them want to continue his divine Mission.

— In the name of so many generous souls, for whom he asks for those wonderful graces that are necessary so that in all the various works of charity and zeal, as well as in the homes of pain, atonement, rehabilitation, they may bear the sweet and powerful irradiations of the Heart of Christ.

— In the name of those who work and especially of those who suffer, for whom he asks for that thaumaturga virtue that transforms work and suffering into a sublime prayer, so that Jesus truly lives in all homes, sweet King of love and peace, and transforms all the beds of pain into as many altars where his holy victims can continue his immolation for the salvation of his brothers and sisters.

— In the name of the innocent candids at last, so that the Eucharistic fragrances may preserve them from worldly corruption and attract above them the smile and assistance of the Holy Angels who always contemplate the Face of heavenly Father whose watchful love they represent.”

Burning Love

Trahe me, post Te curremus!
The living Lamps allow themselves to be attracted by the Eucharistic Heart, and thus remaining with him in an attitude of faith, love and prayer, they know that they can become a center of universal attraction: “This simple word: Traimi! enough, wrote St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, because when a soul has allowed itself to be overcome by the intoxicating smell of your scents, she would no longer be able to run alone, all the souls she loves are dragged behind her: it is like a consequence of her attraction to You… Post Te curremus. I feel that the more the fire of love will burn my heart, and the more I will repeat: Attract me! the more souls that approach mine, they will quickly run after the – the smell of the scents of my Diletto. Yes, they will run, we will run together, because souls inflamed with love cannot remain inactive” (Story of a Soul, Chapter XI).

Power of Adoration

“And the power of this prayer is truly wonderful. Jesus said, “If two of you agree above the earth to ask for anything, it will be granted to them by my Father, who is not heaven” (Matth., XVIII, 19). Collective prayer therefore has a very special effectiveness. Now the living Lamps are precisely souls who agree, unite, fulfilling the condition laid out by Jesus, Consenserint, to form a crown, a chain of love around the divine King. So their prayer has a wonderful power: and experience shows that often a single hour of adoration done per turn, it was more effective than many hours done on initiative and private devotion. It can be said that although the King of Love admits to his Audience at any time, however the hour of the adoration of Turn is that of the intimate and very special Audience.”

The above is taken from the booklet “Lamps to Jesus” whose text you can find at this link.